What does the word inspiration mean?

I look at the word and break it into two parts: “in” and “Spirit.” To live an inspired life, then, means to be “in Spirit” all the time – to be in tune with the magnificent presence of the Higher Self within you.

Where in effect, the mind is open to everything, and attached to nothing. We are all derived from an organizing intelligence no matter what religion, nationality, or belief system, that divine spark resides within everyone even if the person is not currently aware of it.

Therefore, this organizing intelligence is the place from which we all derive inspiration – in -spirit. An inspired life is finding a way to live in harmony with the divine intelligence with every thought you have. To live at all times in spirit and feeling yourself when you are disconnected from spirit.

The key is being in touch with that divine source within which is inspiration. Living day in and day out, watching every thought and knowing that you have left spirit when you have a thought that does not include everyone – when you become ego centered (Edging-God-Out}

Being inspired is about changing awareness of yourself as being limited, having no luck, things never working out, etc. into realizing that you are unlimited and have the potential to create whatever you truly desire if it is in alignment with the divine within.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, the mind of mind man can create. You are a perfect creation of the Divine. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot create. Have a knowing that you can create and attract to yourself anything you need to create your desires. `

Living an inspired life is realizing that you came from a divine source – you are a piece of this divinity, an expression of unlimited potential. In truth, you are like what you came from – we are pieces of the divine. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.

A drop of the ocean is not the ocean, but the small drop has the same qualities and essence of .the ocean.. Since the source from which we came is love, peace, abundance, unlimited, perfect health, then we also have these qualities inherent in us as humans. It is actually an insult from which you came to think anything less.

We came into existence from divinity but somehow got separated from our source and developed an ego. We began to follow the herd and to identify with accumulating things. Quiet your mind, meditate, and get back in touch with your Higher Self.

When you are inspired, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever imagined. Realize that your thoughts are energy. It’s all about what kind of thoughts and feelings we offer up to achieve our desires which are aligned with Spirit.

Tim Erways “7 Pillars To Multiple 6 Figures Online”

Earlier today I listened in on an Interview between Vince Reed and Tim Erway, one of the people who I’ve learned the most from. It’s an awesome interview, and if you want to check it out, click right here now.

During the Interview Tim discussed his “7 Pillars Of A 6 And Multiple 6 Figure Business”, and dug in to why each component is important, and what role they play in your business.

I found it extremely valuable, so I figured I share the value with you, as I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

1. Target Market

You must completely and totally understand who you’re targeting with your Marketing before setting up any campaigns, driving any traffic, or generating any leads. By knowing you your target market or customer avatar is clearly, you’ll know where they hang out, what emotions they feel, what their aspirations are, what there pains are, and most importantly how to tailor your Marketing message to match your target market correctly. In knowing these things, your ads will be more effective, you capture page and sales conversions will be increased, and your ability to build a relationship with your list amplified, as you’ll know the exact pains and struggles there having, and will be able to help them solve them.

As Tim would say, “start with the who”.

2. A Compelling Offer That Solves Your Target Markets Problems

Your offer needs to be congruent with who your targeting, and solve the problems that your customer avatar is facing. If you’re in the fitness industry, and you’re targeting skinny guys who want to build muscle, you’re offer needs to provide value and solve the problem that your customer avatar is experiencing. It needs to show them how to effectively build muscle, and give them a clear step by step action plan on how to do it.

As a rule of thumb, follow the 10x rule and always make your products 10x more valuable than what you charge for them.

3. A Lead Capture Machine

You’ve heard it a thousands times, “the money is in the list, the money is in the list, the money is in the list”, but there couldn’t be anything MORE TRUE. On average the best Direct Response Marketers in the world will only ever get a 3% conversion rate from cold traffic to sale on the first point of contact. That means that 97% of the people who see your sales message won’t take action and buy the first time around. This should illustrate to you the importance of having a lead capture mechanism that allows you to followup with, build a relationship with, and then monetize those 97% of leads who don’t buy.

If you’re not capturing leads and building your list daily, you’re leaving almost all of your profits on the table.

Build your list daily, and e-mail your list daily.

4. A Sales Conversion Process

Now that you’re building your e-mail list and have a lead conversion process in place, you now need a sales conversion process in order to turn your leads into sales. In the Online world your sales conversion process should include a capture page (for lead generation), a thank you page (if you’re selling affiliate products), a sales page, an e-mail followup campaign that gets dripped to your new subscribers and creates a return path to your sales page, and then continual value based communication (blog posts, youtube videos, podcast episodes ect.) with your leads that don’t buy in order to warm them up, build a relationship, and turn them into someone open to buy something from you in the future.

If you really want to boost your sales conversions as an affiliate, create a bonus for people who purchase your offer. In creating a bonus you take over more control in the selling process, as you can add more value, scarcity, and urgency… all of which are powerful sales triggers.

In creating your bonus, try and figure out what’s missing in your offer, and try to fill the void with your bonus. If your offer is a “just add traffic” type system, give some additional training in regards to how you drive traffic, interview a traffic expert, and maybe even give some free traffic (an e-mail broadcast maybe) to your new customers.

A one on one consultation never hurts either, and will build goodwill with your new customers if you can help guide them down the correct path and give them value.

5. A Process To Increase Your Customer Value Over Time

If you’re a Network Marketer, providing training, systems, and marketing plans that keep team members around and create duplication within your organization is good way to go. If you’re selling affiliate products, make sure that the products you’re promoting have a strong ascending sales funnels and higher ticket backend offers that you’ll earn commissions on. If you’re selling your own products, again make sure that you have higher ticket backend offers that create larger profit margins and increase the value of all of your customers over an extended period of time.

If the only offer you have to sell your new prospects is a $27 e-book, it’s going to take you selling a HELL OF A LOT of ebooks in order to hit a goal of lets say $10k a month. If however you have a $97 offer, a $297 offer, and a $2,000 offer in your sales funnel, and a small percentage of people make it all the way through your pipeline and purchase everything you have to offer, you’ll earn 10x more per the same amount of customers than you would if you only offered the $27 ebook.

Make sure you have ascension built into your business.

6. A Specific Source Of Targeted Prospects

This circles back to #1, and knowing your customer avatar. When you know who your customer avatar is, you’ll most likely also know where they hang out, and where you should put your marketing message. You can have every other aspect that we’ve discussed in place, but if you don’t know exactly where your ideal prospect hangs out, chances are you won’t be putting your marketing message in front of the right crowd, which in turn will kill lead capture page conversions, sales conversions, and overall numbers.

The good news is that in todays world with Facebook being the behemoth that it is, chances are that your target market is on Facebook, and its just up to you to learn how to target them with your ads. Checkout Vince’s training products for more info on how to target efficiently using Facebook.

7. Continual testing, tracking, and optimization

At first you’ll always be worrying about acquiring new customers and making sales, but in the long run if you really want to stay at the top of your game, you need to always be testing, tracking and optimizing your sales funnels, traffic campaigns, followup campaigns, up-sell process’s and anything else that can be tested and optimized.

5 Vendors Who Can Help You Build Business Credit

Many companies learn the hard way when it comes to business credit scores and indexes (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, Equifax, & more)– they don’t pay attention until it stands in the way of opportunities and some don’t even know they are losing partnerships and new business due to poor or less than competitive credit scores/indexes.

On the other hand, business owners/managers who do consider their business credit scores may hit a wall when it comes to building them. Reason being many vendors do not report payment information at all to the business credit bureaus – you could be using a great vendor for 10 years and have no idea that they have never reported your excellent payment habits. To find vendors who do report you must go through the timely process of researching the vendor’s procedure toward reporting payment data.

To help open the door for you, below are 5 starter vendors who will report your payment information.

Before we go there, make sure to follow all the steps to business credit building and establishing. There is more to having strong business credit than paying on time.

· Incorporate your business: To build credit your business much be a legal entity.

· Set up your EIN and DUNs numbers.

· Open business bank accounts.

· Establish a location and toll-free number for your business.

· Start a website and develop your online presence.

· Have a business email address rather than a generic free email.

Vendors and creditors often prefer doing business with companies that have a physical address – PO Boxes can increase the risk of fraud. They also like to see that a business has online exposure.

It’s also important to understand that when you start building business credit your credit history will be very young, and it is crucial that you pay all the accounts at or before terms. You want to make sure that you’re building strong credit scores and if you fall delinquent on these immature accounts they will have a significant negative impact.

1. Staples – An office supplies retailer, they provide multiple types of business accounts that are catered to the size, capacity, and region of the business. Wells Fargo underwrites and finances every line of credit for Staples – if you have business credit they will look at Dun & Bradstreet and check basic information like the company’s online presence, tax information, and location. For smaller companies with limited credit history, Staples will usually offer a $1000 Net 30 line of credit for starters. They report back to Dun & Bradstreet.

2. Uline – A distributor of industrial goods and packaging supplies, you can establish Net-30 payment terms with Uline by filling out their Credit Application, it will ask for your DUNs number and business bank account information. They will check credit (if you have any) from Dun & Bradstreet. If they find that your credit history is too limited to determine the line amount – they may ask you to prepay for the first order or have their credit department work with you to get approved. They report back to Dun & Bradstreet.

3. Quill – a retail supplier of office supplies, they pull credit information from Dun & Bradstreet. If your business has no or limited credit, they will request that you pre-pay for 90-days before establishing payment terms. After those 90-days they will review your credit again and set up Net 30 terms with a credit line based on your expenditure over those preliminary 90 days. They also offer an “Installment Payment Program” that allows you to pay your invoice in 6 payments with 0% interest. They report back to Dun & Bradstreet.

4. Grainger – An industrial goods supplier, they sell products including but not limited to – paint, safety equipment, lighting, and plumbing. They offer an open line of credit to customers and report payment information automatically to one of the largest business credit bureaus. For new companies with limited credit history they will often offer a $1000 line of credit to start, then increase it upon request and with a demonstrated history of good payment habits. They report back to Dun & Bradstreet.

5. Strategic Network Solutions – An information technology service company, they report credit information to two of the major credit bureaus and are another great vendor to start building credit with. They provide an online credit application for businesses (linked below) – create a username and provide company information including the legal structure of the business, the companies tax identification number (EIN), DUNs number, annual revenue, and number of employees. It will then ask personal information on the officer of the company.They report back to Dun & Bradstreet & Equifax.

Keep your personal credit safe

There are many advantages to having business credit, one being that you can eventually avoid using your personal credit to guarantee loans. Keeping your personal credit separate means, you can limit personal liability on business expenses – which should be of great concern to business owners. Business credit building will benefit you both professionally and as a consumer by separating transactions and accounts.

The world of business credit reporting has a separate landscape from personal credit; it’s best to speak with a professional about your business credit. If you’ve been an active company for 10 years and have never paid attention or noticed your business credit we can help you find out whether you have scores and guide you on the best way to proceed. If you just started your company and are looking to be proactive we can also provide you with resources and services that can help to steer the new business by making you more attractive to partners, new accounts, lenders, vendors, and creditors.

MOBE on Fire Where Is Matt-Lloyd

My Online Business Empire

According to the legal notice, everything will remain suspended until June 26th and they have a hearing to address the complaints.

“We wish to put on record our dispute with recent actions taken by the FTC against MOBE Inc, including the takeover of all websites and a disruptive halt to business. We further claim and put on record our support for MOBE, Inc, its CEO Matt Lloyd and ask that a swift and timely resolve come upon this matter.”

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🙅🏾‍♂️I sure you might be cautious with these types of programs so an alternative is using Affiliate Business in a Box Toolkit.

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When you go to the #MOBE it leads to the legal receiver.

This is the link to the formal complaint just released today:



John Chow Joins ClickFunnels

John Chow Cars

John Chow switches over to promoting ClickFunnels. (Video Below) This pot started boiling last week and this is just more spill over as things develop. Just last week John Chow announced how much money he made using the MOBE program. He did a 20-minute video where showed his back office and talked about the money he made in May 2018 alone.

John Chow made close to $90k in May 2018 alone in MOBE and now that the company is closed down he needs to supplement that income with another high ticket program. ClickFunnels is his vehicle of choice as of this post.

John Chow Mobe Income

Mobe Closed and Under Investigation

My Online Business Empire

I just got confirmation from a valid source that Federal Trade Commission is investigating My Online Business Empire better known as MOBE. The investigation is directly responsible for the MOBE website being offline and suspension of business operations. Our first confirmation comes from a Canadian-based contractor, citing an official announcement by MOBE’s “tech team”.

On Monday, June 4, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission, an agency of the United States of America (“FTC”), filed a civil lawsuit against the following persons and entities:
MOBE Ltd., d/b/a MOBE, d/b/a My Online Business Education, d/b/a My Own Business Empire (Malaysia)
MOBEProcessing.com, Inc. (US)
MOBETraining.com, Inc. (US)
Transaction Management USA, Inc. (US)
MOBE Pro Limited (UK)
MOBE Online Ltd. (Mauritius)
9336-0311 Quebec, Inc., d/b/a Business Education Training (Canada)
Matt Lloyd Publishing.com, Pty Ltd., d/b/a Matt Lloyd Publishing, d/b/a Home Business Builders (Australia)
MOBE Inc. (Panama)
Matthew Lloyd McPhee, a/k/a Matt Lloyd, a/k/a Matthew Lloyd
Russell W. Whitney, Jr.; and
Susan Zanghi

According to the receiver, Mark Bernet

In the lawsuit, the FTC alleged that the defendants operated a fraudulent internet business education program called “My Online Business Education,” or “MOBE,” through which the Defendants claimed they would reveal a “simple 21-step system that will show consumers how to quickly and easily start their own online business and make substantial income.” However, the FTC further alleged that, contrary to the Defendants’ representations, “the vast majority of consumers who join the MOBE program and purchase . . . costly MOBE memberships lose money.” According to the FTC, this “internet business” that consumers are taught to launch in Defendants’ program is nothing more than buying costly MOBE memberships for thousands of dollars and recruiting other consumers to pay thousands of dollars to purchase those same memberships. The FTC further alleged that by operating the business in the fashion they operated it, the Defendants violated Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C.A. §45(a).

As part of the lawsuit, the FTC also filed a motion requesting that the Court enter a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction, to enjoin the Defendants from continuing to engage in the conduct that formed the basis for the lawsuit. At approximately 11:23 a.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, United States District Judge Roy B. Dalton, Jr. entered an Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order (hereafter the “TRO”), a copy of which is posted to this website. In the TRO the Court made the following specific finding: There is good cause to believe that Defendants have engaged in and are likely to engage in acts or practices that violate Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a), and that [the FTC] is therefore likely to prevail on the merits of this action. . . . {T}he FTC has established a likelihood of success in showing that Defendants have made material misrepresentations that purchasers of their program are likely to earn substantial income quickly and easily and that dissatisfied purchasers can get their money back.

Among other things, the TRO:

Enjoins the Defendants from making false representations concerning what consumers are likely to earn through the MOBE system, or concerning consumers ability to obtain refunds from Defendants without conditions;
Enjoins the Defendants from making false representations concerning the Defendants’ refund policies;
Enjoins the Defendants from selling, copying, releasing or disposing of any customer information, including customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.; and
Freezes the assets of the Defendants and enjoins them from transferring, selling, or otherwise disposing of any of their assets.
Additionally, in the TRO Judge Dalton appointed Mark J. Bernet as the Temporary Receiver for each of the nine companies identified in the first paragraph above (collectively, the “Receivership Defendants”). The TRO directed the Receiver to take control of the Receivership Defendants and their assets, but directed that the Receiver should “suspend business operations of the Receivership Entities if in the business judgment of the Receiver such operations cannot be continued legally and profitably.” TRO, Section XII. S., page 17. The Receiver presently has not been able to conclude that the business operations can be continued legally and profitably, and as a result, for the time being the business operations are suspended. Judge Dalton has scheduled a hearing for June 26, 2018, to determine whether the TRO should be terminated, extended or converted into a preliminary injunction. The outcome of that hearing will be provided on this website.

Grant Cardone – 5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

Grant Cardone does weekly sales training with his sales team to keep all his employees in sync with the mission. To help others reach succeed.

Grant Cardone wants his company not only to serve others, and help them reach financial freedom. This week he talked about the 5 steps to becoming a millionaire. It is important to him that his employees are doing well, because it sells them even more on the idea of helping others reach the sales levels of success he had in his career.